This method of natural care is based on its multiple patterns of reflection and stimulation techniques without ever damaging the skin.

It consists of working reflex areas and fixed points of the face with precise tools without needles.

Original method of facial reflexology, its indications are diverse and offer surprising results from the first session.

Working on the face - if close to the brain - can relieve pain very quickly and achieve profound results.

Dien Chan is a complementary technique for professionals who want to expand their therapeutic offer, as for all those who practice self-care.

It is a young and modern technique that synthesizes a lot of knowledge borrowed from Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine. Natural, fast and efficient, the Dien Chan is an invitation to become the creator of personalized care protocols.

How to study?

When choosing his training, we often find ourselves in front of a jungle of more or less valid proposals. It is for this reason that it is extremely important for us to ensure the seriousness of the proposed programs.

The Dien Chan course is not about diluting knowledge to increase the duration and therefore the price.

On the contrary, we must be able to adapt to an adult audience that does not always have a lot of time.

Our team of experts remains focused on the original method even if the latter invites us throughout our learning to consult and to look at other sources of knowledge.

The Chan Dien is a technique that feeds on different medical knowledge as Western and traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.

The courses we offer are for anyone wishing to learn authentic Dien Chan. No dilution or simplification; it means that we make sure that our trainers do not go astray by teaching Chinese medicine, dietetics, Buddhist philosophy or Tao you king, etc. All of these topics deserve our utmost respect, but we want to emphasize that we focus on teaching what is detailed in our programs.

We are forced to write these lines in order to answer all those who doubt (and understand) when choosing where and how to train.

Our programs, as well as all the care offered during the courses, are perfectly adapted to the reality of Western consultation.

Since 2002 and for 10 years, we have assisted Prof. Bùi Quôc Châu to revamp many protocols and course programs that were designed for a Vietnamese audience. Indeed the professor had the genius and humility to address his patients from very disadvantaged backgrounds. He taught them to become their own therapist to take back the reins of their health.

In the West, we do not always have so much time and we have the chance to address an audience that has learned to learn. We can go much faster while respecting the origin of the method and its teaching technique.

For example, we want to share care during classes by inviting all those who wish to observe or receive a multi-reflexology treatment free of charge.

We offer students the complete book of Dien Chan from the DienChan'reflex (first module) and animate the class support club so that their learning can continue.

Train with experts

Since 2002, we have been working on the disclosure and teaching of the original method of facial reflexology also known as "Multireflexology - Dien Chan".

Our years of collaboration with experienced therapists from Vietnam, our great experience, our publications in several languages (the ABC of Dien Chan, Edt Grancher, Paris) and the interactive application (Faceasit awards to innovation in reflexology 2018) are the guarantee of a serious training.


We firmly believe that information is not a commodity

and our teaching talent is at the service of passionate students.


We are thus actively involved in protecting the environment by reducing the abuse of drugs with dangerous side effects for the body and the planet.

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The ISMDC certification offers you the following guarantees:

  • Updated educational content.
  • Programs adapted to all Western students.
  • The study of the original method without simplification.
  • Practices on real cases during training.
  • Practices directed between students.
  • Trainers with extensive clinical and pedagogical experience.
  • International recognition.
  • A support space for students.
  • A team of experts.

History of the international school

Founded in 2002 in collaboration with the Việt Y Ðạo Center of Saigon by Professor Bùi Quôc Châu, the school is totally dedicated to the disclosure of Dien Chan. During all these years, we organized ourselves in a team of professors and wrote the program of the complete formation. It was a question of adapting all the notes of Professor Châu to a specific educational program of Western education.

After having written in Castilian, in French, in English in Portuguese and in Italian the complete book of the Dien Chan, we also propose on the new supports own in the XXI century, an interactive application, a network of work for the pupils (club Dien Chan ) and constant pedagogical support.

Since its creation, the multireflexological technique has evolved and in order to benefit the students, we have redesigned all the Dien Chan thinking patterns by following the historical tradition of the technique and the accumulated experience.

After having offered the CLUBQC to Professor Châu for the world organization of his former students, we gathered the students of our team of trainers in EiMDC (International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan). Organized in a group of accredited trainers, we offer certified Multireflexology - Dien Chan courses in various countries in Europe, Latin America and North America, the Caribbean, Polynesia and Africa.

All our students receive a complete and common program without ever simplifying the foundations of the original method. Our courses are also hosted by institutions and schools of international reference in the field of natural therapies (see contributors).

Thanks to the trust of all our students and the serious work of the team of trainers, the EiMDC has become the international reference school.

Your certification is a therapeutic guarantee for your clientele.

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